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I just realised that there will be another whole summer before we see any new Sherlock and I made myself cry

Well…they never said for *sure* when the special is airing. Martin seems to be guessing Christmas (and the media and most fans seem to be running…

I just thought he was voicing his personal assumption. And he didn’t seem to me to be 100% about it. IIRC he phrased it with “I think” or “around Christmas” but of course I could be wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they haven’t even decided yet when they will air it. If it’s for sure Christmas and that’s been decided they could have added that to the announcement and they chose not to. They just said later in the year.

Yeah, that’s possible. It’s just that specials here are usually aired for particular occasions = Christmas, so it’s not just an assumption as it’s almost a ‘given’ - because they wouldn’t air a Sherlock special on a random day in July…

I just took that to mean that the Beeb have started planning the Christmas and New Year line-up and they haven’t booked a spot yet.

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Anonymous asked: I get kind of annoyed when people call Johnlock/ Sherlock queerbaiting because I believe really hard in tjlc...


I just ignore it. There’s no way to know for sure what’s going on until either Johnlock becomes canon or the programme ends and it hasn’t, but I’d rather be an optimist.

Oh definitely. I mean, one of the reasons queerbaiting still sucks us in is that we don’t know for certain until the show’s well and truly over.

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Anonymous asked: interesting fact (i don't know if the writers inspired themselves or not): the most famous female crackshot was Annie Oakley, she perfomed in Buffalo Bill's West Show, one of her most known performances was shooting through coins tossed into air. Her husband was also a crackshot (they competed once against each other, she won and he started dating her). once she was on tour in Europe and shot at German Kaiser Willhelm (eng. version of William) on his request and knocked the ash off a cigarette.


Ooh, that’s interesting! I like the sound of her!!

Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley actually visited Croydon and Dennistoun in Glasgow with their travelling show. Bill’s troupe even played a charity match in Celtic Park just before they left town.

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Anonymous asked: It's great that Mary is an evil character, because people can be evil, and women are people. I get that bbc sherlock is not the great example of a feminist show, but if mary stans want to be feminists and think it's misogyny to criticize Mary, they don't get what feminism is all about.


it’s some sort of bizzare version of feminism where women are held to so low moral standards that these people are actually pissed at JOHN for ‘leaving her for a few months alone and frightened’ when she was pregnant (to the point of actively disliking his character for this reason). but god forbid someone mentions being pissed off at Mary for lying to his husband about killing people for money (and practically tricking him into marriage) and for shooting an innocent guy who offerred her help. wow.

Feminism means never having to say you’re sorry, apparently.

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Hey revriley I’ve been a student at Edinburgh for two years. Here’s my hodge-podge of tips:

  • The weather’s very changeable all year round, so pack layers that you can take on and off easily. A cagoule that can go on top of a fleece or hoody is a good idea. You should also have a hat, scarf and gloves and possibly earmuffs for the winter.
  • Use public transport. Even if you’ve passed your driving test and hired a car, parking in Edinburgh is an absolute nightmare. The trams have just started, but they’re only good for getting from the airport to the City Centre and not much else. The buses are pretty frequent, although it’s £36 for a monthly pass for student. The bus station near the St. James Shopping Centre has loads of private coaches if you to travel to other parts of the country.
  • If you’re staying in catered halls, consider buying a cool-box and some ice packs for your room instead of using the pantry fridge. Mini-fridges aren’t allowed unless you have a prescription for medication that needs to be kept at a certain temperature.
  • The Edinburgh Bargain Store on Nicholson Street is great for cheap odds and ends that you might need like coat hangers and light bulbs.
  • It may vary by department (I’m in the Business School) but for every class you’ve signed up for, you’ll have two or three lectures a week and one tutorial, which you have to sign yourself up for using MyEd. Your lecturers will let you know when it opens when term starts, but make sure you do it as soon as possible so that you can get the times you want. In lectures, all you usually have to do is show up and take notes. Tutorials will usually have some sort of assignment you have to complete before you turn up. You get time to ask the tutor (usually a postgraduate student) questions about the work or the previous week’s work.
  • The ECA Library on Lady Lawson Street does free movie rentals for students with a valid University of Edinburgh library card. They have quite a good selection. Just make sure you return them on time as their late fines can be pretty steep.
  • You can also get free TV programmes using Box of Broadcasts ( Once you arrive in the mainland UK, log in to this site using your MyEd login details and you can watch catch-up TV that’s been archived as far back 2008.
  • The drinking age is 18. However, it’s illegal for someone over the age of 18 to buy alcohol for someone who’s underage.
  • If you want to get some home comforts, there’s an Americandy shop on Princes Street that does American sweets and cereals.

That’s all I can think of so far. You can message me if you like if you’ve got questions you want to ask me.

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"Here at last is the truth about Sherlock Holmes and his creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Interpreting clues so obvious, so "naked," that most readers overlook them, Samuel Rosenberg proves that Professor Moriarty is really Friedrich Nietzsche, that Thaddeus Sholto in The Sign of Four is really Oscar Wilde, and that Holmes himself is Sir Arthur’s superego, forever at war with repressed sexuality and unmentionable perversions. Critics agree…that Naked is the Best Disguise is the most scintillating piece of literary sleuthing to appear in years."

Guess who bought a book today!

Thaddeus Sholto is really Oscar Wilde.

(We are all such goddamn amateurs.)

wsswatson, I think this is relevant to your interests…? :)


To the bookshop, Penfold!

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my mum has the patio doors open and the neighbours two doors down are smoking weed and the smell is making me reminisce about living in halls

Ah, happy days. We weren’t allowed fridges in our rooms so you used to see random plastic bags with milk cartons in them hanging out of windows. At least until the squirrels got to them. My room looked like something from an open prison, but I had a cracking view of Arthur’s Seat.