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Click here to support Transition troubles by Holly McCrea



Can you guys do me a solid and help? These girls and two of my best friends and they both really need help.

Jen is transgender, but can’t even think about transitioning or else she’ll be kicked out of the house. She can’t even wear women’s clothes. And her parents are blocking her attempts to get out in other ways too. Make it so Jen can get out of her house, ideally to Holly, and start the process of transitioning.

Please help! If you can’t donate, at least signal boost!


Giving this a signal boost.  Come on guys, work your tumblr magic

-mod Hans

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God knows there’s none of us got money.
Still, an’ aw the things we do have,
they were bought and paid for working
with the fruits of aw this labour.
And there’s none of us would covet
any special things that you have,
`cause there’s none of us that’s better
than a good and decent neighbour.

But we never will condone
those who rob and cheat their own.
No, that’s no’ the kind your wanting on your side.
God knows there’s none of us got money
but that’s no’ the wey we’re goin’.
Maybe we’ve got nothing much but we’ve got pride.

Be as well if you should drown
if you’ve gone and let us down.
If yer weans are no’ looked efter, better hide.
If we don’t have some self-respect we might as well be in the ground
If we’ve got nothing else, at least we’ve got our pride.

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My God! Postman Pat…is dead.

Alas, poor Patrick! I knew him, Nineties kids: a fellow of infinite longevity, of most gentle storytelling; he hath borne me through dull afternoons a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is. My gorge boaks at it! Here lie your tapes that I watched I know not how oft. Where be your charm now? Your pastoral setting? Your classic theme song? Your trippy Gaelic dubbing?  Your stop-motion animation that was wont to set the budget on a high?

Not one now, to mock your revival? Quite crest-fallen. Now, get you to the BBC’s chamber, and tell them, let them stop this blasphemy; to this duty they must adhere. Make them nostalgic for that!

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Growing up, I never felt like there was a mother like mine on television. I don’t claim to have watched everything that has ever existed by any means, but as a kid I couldn’t help but notice that on the shows I saw, especially those aimed at my age group and a bit older, the mum was either a non-presence or a shrewish, antagonistic moo, even more so with daughters than with sons. There was never a mum who always knew just what to say when I was sad, who always had time for a hug or to tend to my many and varied anxieties after a hard day’s work, who always laughed at my terrible jokes, who’s never stopped being my hero.

So this Mothering Sunday, I say “Jive on!” to the fabulous mother figures who’ve been appearing on my tellybox of late, and I hope that many follow in your sensibly-clad footsteps.

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short list of actors who have not won an oscar:

  • james dean
  • johnny depp
  • brad pitt
  • helena bonham carter
  • robert downey jr
  • glenn close
  • will smith
  • samuel l jackson
  • liam neeson
  • sigourney weaver
  • tom cruise
  • julianne moore
  • ralph fiennes
  • laura linney
  • ed harris
  • gary oldman

now will you please for the love of christ shut up about leonardo dicaprio

and then there’s Alan Rickman who hasn’t even been nominated.

I thought Phyllis Logan should have at least been nominated for something for Secrets & Lies. Or for Another Time, Another Place but bloody no one saw that film. She could have easily beat out Julie Walters in Educating Rita.

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